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Virtual Walkthrough! Check out a completed Granny Flat online right now.

We're very excited to release a new way of experiencing the quality and style of a Wollongong Granny Flat with the first of our completed build virtual granny flat walk-through.

You can now have an up-close but virtual walkthrough of our completed build based on our “Harbour" Design. The final design was customised to meet some of the specific preferences of our client, which is typical of many of our builds; you find an external design you love, you choose from an almost limitless array of internal floorplan options, and if you'd like a specific design customisation we discuss what this will involve,

If you have never been to a Wollongong Granny Flat before, we think you might be quite surprised at the quality and standard of our designs. In most cases, our granny flats are far more modern and robust than the existing dwellings on our client's properties.

You can experience this internal build quality first-hand by visiting our Corrimal display centre. Book today


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